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Lynne Me Your Ears: A Tribute to Jeff Lynne
Not Lame, 2001

song: "Do Ya"

Songs For Summer

song: "Song For Her"

IPO Vol. 2

song: "She's Not the Enemy"

Shadows Breaking Over Our Heads: A Tribute To The Left Banke
Brobdingnagian Records, 1999

song: "Pretty Ballerina"

I Can Hear Music : the Songs of Greenwich & Barry
Polygram, 1997

song: "Baby, I Love You"

Metal Rules: A Tribute to Bad Hair Days
Smart Records, 1998

song: "Photograph"

Yellow Pills Vol.4

song: "My Home Is Not a House"

Poptopia: '90s Power Pop Classics
Rhino Records, 1997

songs: Jellyfish - "That Is Why"
The Grays - "Same Thing"

Breakin' Necks and Rockin' Discoteques
Elektra, 1996

song: "She Goes To Bed" (4-track demo)

Headless Body in Topless Bar (film)

song: "Crap Out"