The Infamous
* Jellyserver *

Alright, this page is for everyone wanting to know how to access this wonderful Hotline server.

Here's a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial about what it is and how to use it.

What the heck is a Jellyserver?
The Jellyserver is a server on a file-transfer program called Hotline. It was created BY members of the Jellyfish emailing list called the JellyList (or JELLY-L), FOR members of the list. It contains several mp3s of unreleased and hard to find Jellyfish songs and live concerts.

What it has:
* pre-Jelly material by Beatnik Beatch;
* Jelly-material: Bellybutton-era stuff, Spilt Milk-era stuff, Misc Jelly (b-sides, etc.), Jellyfish Demos,

Jellyfish WinAmp Skins;
* post-Jelly material: The Grays, Imperial Drag, Sweet Pickle Salad, Air (with Falkner live);
* solo stuff by ex-Jelly members: Andy Sturmer, Roger Manning, Jason Falkner, Tim Smith;
* and miscellaneous stuff, like demos of The Tories, the Merrymakers, Jelly-related pop,
miscellaneous pop, Owsley ONEList stuff, songs by members of the JELLY-L, and an
uploads folder so you can share anything you think fans of Jellyfish would enjoy.

What it doesn't have:
Official albums in their entirety released by Jellyfish (or anyone for that matter). This isn't a substitute for buying their albums, it's just a place where hardcore fans can find stuff not available for purchase. Got it?

The Jellyserver was originally intended for members (known as Listees) of the JELLY-L. If you would feel morally wrong by NOT joining, you can do so by clicking the following link: (Just click on the link that says "join or leave list" and you'll be set!) It's a very cool list, which not only gives you access to the Jellyserver, but keeps you up to date on the latest news about anything and everything related to the ex-members of Jellyfish. Plus you get to chat with TONS of 'fish fans.

If you don't know what Hotline is, that is a problem. You will need to download it at TUCOWS. If you're computer illiterate, don't worry, it has a very easy, step-by-step setup that will guide you through how to install it onto your computer.
Note: Please make sure you download the Hotline CLIENT, not the server. The server is what you would find on the Hotline website, and this is a different program used by the people who run the hotline servers. Use the above link to get the client.

When you're done with getting Hotline up and running, you will want to click on the button that says "Connect." Upon clicking, a window looking similar to this will pop up (but it will be blank), asking you for the Server, Login, and Password:

In the corresponding boxes, type in the information in yellow to get to the Jellyserver (just as it looks above):

Login: listee
Password: jellyfish

So you won't have to re-type this information each time you want to connect, all you have to do is click the "Save..." button and save it as "jellyserver."

STEP 4: Each time you connect to the server, an agreement window will pop up prompting you to accept. Just click "Agree." Then find the button that says "Files" and you'll be ready to download!

Error Messages: If a window pops up similar to this:

saying you cannot connect to the client, that usually means that the server is temporarily down. Try back in a few hours or the next day and it should be working fine. Enjoy!!

p.s. My name's Linda, and I'm a JELLY-L listee. I put this page together for the convenience of all listees (including myself) who've grown weary of having to explain how to access the Jellyserver for newbies or people who just never learned how to use it.

Feel free to email me regarding anything.
I also have a Falkner website if you're interested: