Official Sites

JasonFalkner.com - official site

myspace.com/jasonfalkner - Jason's self-run Myspace page

TV Eyes - official site

Feeling Mr. Falkner - Jason's first "officially unofficial" fan site run by Adam Gimbel

Fan Pages

Miracle Medicine - a great Japanese fan site run by my friend Seiko

Photographs by Jamie Ribisi - some great b&w live shots at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA.

Nice Shiny Boots - Jason Falkner - my unofficial Falkner bootleg discography.

Buy Albums

Not Lame Recordings - purchase all of Jason's solo releases here

The Pokey Pup - sells "Bedtime With the Beatles"

Discussion Groups

kidzwithoutcurfew Yahoo! Group - join my mailing list to instantly get the latest JF updates as well as access to photos and rare mp3s not available on this site.

welovejasonfalkner UK Yahoo Group - join this group to chat with other falknerds.

TV Eyes Yahoo Group - join this group to get the latest news on Jason, Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Brian Retizell's latest project.

Jellyfish Mailing List - join the Jellyfish emailing list for news and discussion about all the Jellyfish offshoots.

Former Bands

The Grays, An Unofficial Site

Joining a Fanpage: Jellyfish Tales

The Jellyfish Homepage

Jellyfish Chords/Tab/Music

The Three O'Clock

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