Bedtime With the Beatles album review

by Irene Liberator

Bravo! From beginning to end, I'm struck by the arrangements on this entire album and it just seems with each track, it gets better and better. It also helps that these songs are among my favorites.

Jason's classical music knowledge, his love and appreciation for Beatles music, and his dedication to stay melodically and structurally true to the originals make these songs stand up and be apppreciated all over again under a new light. Jason's production influences are remeniscent of Burt Bacharach, Nino Rota and George Martin. It is really a magical album. When I first played this album, I had the intentions of cleaning my house but was stopped dead in my tracks upon hearing the first note and ended up sitting down after the second song and marveling at every composition thereafter. By the time "The Long and Winding Road" ended, tears were rolling down my cheeks and honestly, that song has never been a favorite of mine (maybe from radio overkill) but I found Jason's redition to be more moving and sad than the original. I have new respect for that song now.

Jason has reminded us all what musical geniuses Lennon and McCartney are/were and how relevant their music remains to this day. Not that we need reminding of their popularity, but aside from the phenomenon, they put out some truly classic compositions in a pop song disguise.

A very interesting thing happened to me while I was listening to "If I Fell." There's no one singing the lyrics, yet I found myself thinking about the lyrics and what the song was actually saying and I was more moved than I have ever been listening to that song! It's as if I had never really listened to the lyrics before even though I know all the lyrics to that song. It's as if the notes were speaking the true meaning of the words. I hope I've made myself clear.

This album I think shows us the depth and capacity of Jason's own musical artistry, and his skillfull and respectful treatment and delivery of every note played. I found myself getting more excited to hear the next track because every composition was approcahed with mouth dropping brilliantly beautiful, true, simple and subtly adventurous arrangements. I found myself gasping at times during a particular chord change that I didn't know existed before and how complicated some of the chord progressions were-- possibly because I've only heard them buried underneath vocals.

Love is all around and it's also on this album. You don't have to be a baby to love it. In fact, I think anyone at any age who really listens to this album will love it. I just got a promo copy from a friend that works at Tower but I'm planning on buying both the pink and blue versions of this CD and will give a blue one to a special friend for Christmas. I of course will keep the pink.

I think Jason is going to have a great career ahead of him; course I thought that a long time ago, but he's not afraid to show us who he is and what he wants us to hear. I'm a great admirer and I'm very much looking forward to his next endeavor; he's a sure bet that you won't be disappointed whatever it is.

Hats off to Jason!

Falk Speaks