Articles & Interviews

NEW! "Author Unknown: An Interview With Jason Falkner" - Punk Globe interview by Gus Bernadicou (Dec. 2011)

NEW! "Musicians Daniel Johnston & Jason Falkner Make Autism Sing" - Current TV interview by Joe Dimino (10/21/2011)

NEW! "Musician Jason Falkner Talks about the Music" - Current TV interview by Joe Dimino (10/18/2011)

Jason Falkner @ Spaceland 11/7/09 - Show review for LA Record by yours truly (11/9/09)

Jason Falkner: Presents Author Unknown - Crawdaddy! Looking back at Jason Falkner's first album, "Author Unknown" (3/21/09)

Groupee: Jason Falkner Ted O'Neill shares some great videos of a recording session with Jason Falkner and band (12/9/2008)

Revenge of the Sunset Strip Video posted on Crackle (10/30/07)

What Is Softcore? - MTV news article - April 2, 2002

Bedtime With the Beatles Press Release - the official Sony release plus an interview with Jason about making the album.

E! Online - Gossip - The Girlish Eyes (and Ears) Have It - July 19, 2001 - E! Online article regarding ex-g/f Heather Graham's appearance at a performance at Aron's Records in Hollywood

140 Acts and 15 Days - a Gourmet's Guide - July 15, 2001 - article about IPO 2001 in the Calendar section of the LA Times

Jason Falkner Goes Softcore With Manning, Reitzell - February 2001 MTV News article by Steve Hurley

Jason Falkner Comes Alive With New Tunes - April 17, 2000 MTV News article by Steve Hurley

Justify Your Experience With Jason Falkner - Jason explains why people should buy his album to The Onion

The Power Pop Prince Speaks - December 1999 article from The Idle Threat by Dave O'Connell.

Jason Falkner Comes to Chicago - April '99 The DePaulia article by Fauzia Arain

Look Back in Agoura - Jason Falkner Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore - March 26, 1999 issue of BAM by Arthur Brennan.

Will Your Kids Play Guitar? - April 18, 1997 issue of BAM, by Michael Ansaldo and Melissa Miller

Jason the Romantic - a cute little Valentine's story showing Jason is a romantic at heart.

Jason Falkner: Free At Last! - Nov. 15, 1996 issue of BAM, by Pat Lewis

New-Pop Top Cat - October 1996 issue of Guitar Player Magazine, by Mike Mettler

Anne Soldaat "In Another Life" Art Into Dust interviews Jason about working with Dutch artist Anne Soldaat (4/11/09)

Creating Utopia: An Interview With Jason Falkner Popshifter interview by Less Lee Moore (7/30/08)

Jason Falkner: Can You Hear Me Now? - July 2007 interview with Gary Knight for Under the Radar magazine.

Tape Op Interview - May/June 2003 - Jason talks about his recording gear and home studio

Jason Falkner drawing attention from music industry - Review-Journal interview with Jason - Jan. 27, 2004

Getting to Know TV Eyes - Filter Magazine interview with Jason, Brian and Roger - July/August 2003

She's Got a TV Eye On Me - Entertainment Today interview with Jason about the TV Eyes - May 9, 2003

Accomplished Pop For Gray Days - January 2002 - The Big Takeover interview by John Davidson (Or download this article as a PDF file - Thanks Tara!)

Golden Slumbers: Jason Falkner Bids a Goodnight to The Beatles - December 2001 - Music Web Express 3000 interview with Jason by Robert Silverstein

Author Not Entirely Unknown - August 2001 - Launch interview with Jason by Dave Dimartino

hip online Interview - June 14, 1999, 3-page interview by Charlie Craine

Can You Still Feel Jason Falkner??? - May 22, 1999 Highwire Daze interview about the making of Can You Still Feel?

Interview in Bellingham, Washington - April 10, 1999 by Pooja Khandekar

Album Reviews

I'm OK, You're OK - The Milk Carton review by Michael Meharry (9/1/07)

Introducing TV Eyes - Falkner, Manning and Reitzell Reunite - Filter-mag.com short band preview from May 5, 2003

Nouveau for 2002 - my review of some new JF songs to be released on his forthcoming album

Bedtime With the Beatles - A Lullaby Album - Pop Matters review by Gary Glauber

Falkner Takes Beatles To Bed - RollingStone.com review by Michael Ansalado - December 19, 2001 (Link submitted by Marc - thanks!)

Bedtime With The Beatles - December 2001 review by Irene Liberatore

"Bedtime With The Beatles" review - October 2001 - Tower Records' Pulse! Magazine review of Bedtime With The Beatles by Yvette Cadeaux

"The Lullaby Album" - my September 2001 review

"Everyone Says It's On" - my 2001 review

Necessity: The 4-Track Years review - Nude as the News review by Troy Carpenter

Pitchfork Media - Necessity: The 4-Track Years - Pitchfork Media review by Camilo Arturo Leslie

Necessity: The 4-Track Years - April 2001 album review by Chicago's The Onion

Necessity: The 4-Track Years review - May 2001 Splendid E-zine review by Jenn Sikes

Ink 19: Can You Still Feel? review - by Ink19's Bryan Tilford Can You Still Feel? - Stephen Thompson's review from The Onion

Can You Still Feel? - Pop Matters review by Sarah Zupko

Jason Falkner: A Boy And His Image - March '99 Music Monitor Can You Still Feel? review March '99 by David W. Jackson

"I Was Becoming a Critics' Darling" - March 1999 Mean Street review of Can You Still Feel? with an interview with Jason by Eric Broome

Can You Still Feel? review - Amplifier On-Line February 1999, by John Holcomb

Backbeat Review: Can You Still Feel? - by Backbeat's Tim Chan

I'd Trade Anything to Feel As Good As I Used To - Oct. 24, 1996 The War Against Silence Author Unknown review, by Glenn McDonald

Author Unknown - The Log Book: Songbook review