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Glen Campbell
Ghost on the Canvas, 2011

credits: bass, guitar (acoustic/electric)

Charlotte Gainsbourg
IRM, 2011

credits: guitar (acoustic)

Daniel Johnston
Is and Always Was, 2009

credits: producer, engineer, mixing, guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals

Anne Soldaat
In Another Life, 2009

credits: producer, instruments, co-writer

The Information, 2006

credits: acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums, percussion, African drums, Moog bass, background vocals

The Nines
Calling Distance Stations, 2006

credits: mixed several tracks, backing vocals on "Darkening Sky"

Paul McCartney
Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard, 2005

credits: electric guitar on "A Certain Softness," acoustic guitar on "At the Mercy"

Paul McCartney
"Fine Line" (CD single), 2005

credits: classical guitar and grand piano on B-side "Growing Up, Falling Down"

Tourniquet, 2005

credits: producer

Ben Lee
Awake is the New Alseep, 2005

credits: backing vocals

Lisa Loeb
The Way It Really Is, 2004

credits: electric guitar, Wurlitzer piano, background vocals

Talkie Walkie, 2004

credits: bass on "Surfing on a Rocket"

Sea Change, 2002

credits: electric guitar on "Paper Tiger"

Aimee Mann
Lost In Space, 2002

credits: bass

Almanac, 2002

credits: vox continental on "Keep Movin On" and "Monorail," lead guitar on "Everything We Need," vocals on "Omega Man," grandoise guitar solos on "Weaker Man"

The Blondes
The Blondes, 2002

credits: produced "Tokyo Angel"

The Invisible Band, 2001

credits: keyboards on "Last Train"

Brendan Benson

credits: co-produced, provided backing vocals on "Good To Me" and "Tiny Spark"

"Sing" single, 2001

credits: backing vocals on "Killer Queen"

Josie & the Pussycats Soundtrack

credits: co-wrote "You Don't See Me" and "Come On"

10,000 Hz Legend, 2001

credits: bass

Brian Reitzell and Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
Logan's Sanctuary, 2000

credits: guitar on "Metropia," lead vocal, guitar and bass on "Search For Tomorrow"

Brown Eyed Susans
Afraid of Heights, 2000

credits: producer / background vocals on "Let's Get Out of L.A." and "Sundae School"

Much Against Everyone's Advice, 1999

credits: chamberlin, string arrangements

Steph Sonotone
Toufland, 1999

credits: co-producer

Chris Cornell
Euphoria Morning, 1999

credits: bass on "When I'm Down"

Eric Matthews
The Lateness of the Hour, 1997

credits: electric guitar, bass, piano, drums; co-producer on 5 tracks

"Pink Triange (Remix)" single, 1997

credits: bass, keyboards, guitar, percussion, organ, drums

Susanna Hoffs
Susanna Hoffs, 1996

credits: bass, keyboards, guitar, percussion, organ, drums

Brendan Benson
One Mississippi, 1996

redits: co-wrote "Sittin' Pretty," "I'm Blessed," "Crosseyed," "Me Just Purely," "Insects Rule," "House In Virginia," and "Cherries."

Brendan Benson
Well Fed Boy Demos, 1996

producer, drums, bass, vocals

Eric Matthews
It's Heavy In Here, 1995

credits: guitar, bass, drums

All Girls Are Pretty: Volume 1, 1993

credits: synthesizer, bass, guitars, sitar, B-3 organ

Kristina Serra
Sugar Trippin' EP, 1992

credits: bass and guitar